Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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_Icon Struct Reference

Definition of an Icon. More...

Data Fields

GldiObject object
CairoDockIconGroup iGroup
 group of the icon.
IconInterface iface
gchar * cName
 Name of the icon.
gchar * cQuickInfo
 Short info displayed on the icon (few characters).
gchar * cFileName
 name or path of an image displayed on the icon.
gchar * cClass
 Class of application the icon will be bound to.
gchar * cParentDockName
 name of the dock the icon belongs to (NULL means it's not currently inside a dock).
 Sub-dock the icon is pointing to.
gdouble fOrder
 Order of the icon amongst the other icons of its group.
gboolean bStatic
 a hint to indicate the icon should be kept static (no animation like bouncing).
gboolean bAlwaysVisible
 a flag that allows the icon to be always visible, even when the dock is hidden.
gboolean bPointed
 Whether the icon is currently pointed or not.

Detailed Description

Definition of an Icon.

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