Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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_GldiTextDescription Struct Reference

Description of the rendering of a text. More...

Data Fields

gchar * cFont
PangoFontDescription * fd
 pango font
gint iSize
 size in pixels
gboolean bNoDecorations
 whether to draw the decorations (frame and outline) or not
gboolean bUseDefaultColors
 whether to use the default colors or the colors defined below
GldiColor fColorStart
 text color
GldiColor fBackgroundColor
 background color
GldiColor fLineColor
 outline color
gboolean bOutlined
 TRUE to stroke the outline of the characters (in black).
gint iMargin
 margin around the text, it is also the dimension of the frame if available.
gboolean bUseMarkup
 whether to use Pango markups or not (markups are html-like marks, like ...; using markups force you to escape some characters like "&" -> "&")
gdouble fMaxRelativeWidth
 maximum width allowed, in ratio of the screen's width. Carriage returns will be inserted if necessary. 0 means no limit.

Detailed Description

Description of the rendering of a text.

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