Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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_GldiManager Struct Reference

Definition of a Manager. More...

Data Fields

GldiObject object
GldiManagerInitFunc init
 function called once and for all at the init of the core.
GldiManagerLoadFunc load
 function called when loading the current theme, after getting the config
GldiManagerUnloadFunc unload
 function called when unloading the current theme, before resetting the config.
GldiManagerReloadFunc reload
 function called when reloading a part of the current theme.
GldiManagerGetConfigFunc get_config
 function called when getting the config of the current theme, or a part of it.
GldiManagerResetConfigFunc reset_config
 function called when resetting the current theme, or a part of it.

Detailed Description

Definition of a Manager.

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