Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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_CairoDockRenderer Struct Reference

Dock's renderer, also known as 'view'. More...

Data Fields

CairoDockComputeSizeFunc compute_size
 function that computes the sizes of a dock.
CairoDockCalculateIconsFunc calculate_icons
 function that computes all the icons' parameters.
CairoDockRenderFunc render
 rendering function (cairo)
CairoDockRenderOptimizedFunc render_optimized
 optimized rendering function (cairo) that only redraw a part of the dock.
CairoDockGLRenderFunc render_opengl
 rendering function (OpenGL, optionnal).
CairoDockSetSubDockPositionFunc set_subdock_position
 function that computes the position of the dock when it's a sub-dock.
CairoDockRenderFreeDataFunc free_data
 function called when the renderer is unset from the dock.
CairoDockSetInputShapeFunc update_input_shape
 function called when the input zones are defined.
CairoDockSetIconSizeFunc set_icon_size
 function called to define the size of an icon, or NULL to let the container handles that.
gboolean bUseStencil
 TRUE if the view uses the OpenGL stencil buffer.
gboolean bUseReflect
 TRUE is the view uses reflects.
const gchar * cDisplayedName
 name displayed in the GUI (translated).
gchar * cReadmeFilePath
 path to a readme file that gives a short description of the view.
gchar * cPreviewFilePath
 path to a preview image.

Detailed Description

Dock's renderer, also known as 'view'.

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