Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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_CairoDockPackage Struct Reference

Definition of a generic package. More...

Data Fields

gchar * cPackagePath
 complete path of the package.
gdouble fSize
 size in Mo
gchar * cAuthor
gchar * cDisplayedName
 name of the package
CairoDockPackageType iType
 type of package : installed, user, distant.
gint iRating
 rating of the package.
gint iSobriety
 sobriety/simplicity of the package.
gchar * cHint
 hint of the package, for instance "sound" or "battery" for a gauge, "internet" or "desktop" for a third-party applet.
gint iCreationDate
 date of creation of the package.
gint iLastModifDate
 date of latest changes in the package.

Detailed Description

Definition of a generic package.

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