Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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_CairoDockGuiBackend Struct Reference

Definition of the GUI interface for modules. More...

Data Fields

void(* set_status_message_on_gui )(const gchar *cMessage)
 display a message on the GUI.
void(* reload_current_widget )(GldiModuleInstance *pModuleInstance, int iShowPage)
 Reload the current config window from the conf file. iShowPage is the page that should be displayed in case the module has several pages, -1 means to keep the current page.
CairoDockGroupKeyWidget *(* get_widget_from_name )(GldiModuleInstance *pModuleInstance, const gchar *cGroupName, const gchar *cKeyName)
 retrieve the widgets in the current module window, corresponding to the (group,key) pair in its conf file.

Detailed Description

Definition of the GUI interface for modules.

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