Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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_CairoDock Struct Reference

Definition of a Dock, which derives from a Container. More...

Data Fields

GldiContainer container
GList * icons
 the list of icons.
gboolean bIsMainDock
 Set to TRUE for the main dock (the first to be created, and the one containing the taskbar).
gint iRefCount
 number of icons pointing on the dock (0 means it is a root dock, >0 a sub-dock).
gchar * cDockName
 unique name of the dock
CairoDockVisibility iVisibility
gint iNumScreen
 number of the screen the dock is placed on (-1 <=> all screen, >0 <=> num screen).
gint iIconSize
 icon size, as specified in the config of the dock
gboolean bGlobalIconSize
 whether the dock should use the global icons size parameters.
gboolean bGlobalBg
 whether the dock should use the global background parameters.
gchar * cBgImagePath
 path to an image, or NULL
gboolean bBgImageRepeat
 whether to repeat the image as a pattern, or to stretch it to fill the dock.
GldiColor fBgColorBright
 first color of the gradation
GldiColor fBgColorDark
 second color of the gradation
CairoDockImageBuffer backgroundBuffer
 Background image buffer of the dock.
gdouble fFoldingFactor
 (un)folding factor, between 0(unfolded) to 1(folded). It's up to the renderer on how to make use of it.
gdouble fHideOffset
 counter for auto-hide.
gdouble fPostHideOffset
 counter for the post-hiding animation for icons always visible.
gboolean bIsBelow
 Whether the dock is in a popped up state or not.
gint bHasModalWindow
 TRUE if the dock has a modal window (menu, dialog, etc), that will block it.
gboolean bIsDragging
 whether the user is dragging something over the dock.
gboolean bTemporaryHidden
 Backup of the auto-hide state before quick-hide.
gboolean bEntranceDisabled
 whether mouse can't enter into the dock.
gboolean bIsShrinkingDown
 whether the dock is shrinking down.
gboolean bIsGrowingUp
 whether the dock is growing up.
gboolean bIsHiding
 whether the dock is hiding.
gboolean bIsShowing
 whether the dock is showing.
gboolean bIconIsFlyingAway
 whether an icon is being dragged away from the dock
gboolean bPreventDraggingIcons
 whether icons in the dock can be dragged with the mouse (inside and outside of the dock).
gdouble iMaxIconHeight
 maximum height of the icons.
gdouble fFlatDockWidth
 width of the dock, only taking into account an alignment of the icons.
guint iSidMoveResize
 Source ID for window resizing.
guint iSidUnhideDelayed
 Source ID for window popping down to the bottom layer.
guint iSidLeaveDemand
 Source ID of the timer that delays the "leave" event.
guint iSidUpdateWMIcons
 Source ID for pending update of WM icons geometry.
guint iSidHideBack
 Source ID for hiding back the dock.
guint iSidLoadBg
 Source ID for loading the background.
guint iSidDestroyEmptyDock
 Source ID to destroy an empty main dock.
guint iSidTestMouseOutside
 Source ID for shrinking down the dock after a mouse event.
guint iSidUpdateDockSize
 Source ID for updating the dock's size and icons layout.
 current renderer, never NULL.
gpointer pRendererData
 data that can be used by the renderer.
gboolean bCanDrop
 Set to TRUE by the renderer if one can drop between 2 icons.
CairoDockMousePositionType iMousePositionType
 set by the view to say if the mouse is currently on icons, on the egde, or outside of icons.
gint iMinDockWidth
 width of the dock at rest.
gint iMinDockHeight
 height of the dock at rest.
gint iMaxDockWidth
 maximum width of the dock.
gint iMaxDockHeight
 maximum height of the dock.
gint iDecorationsWidth
 width of background decorations, set by the renderer.
gint iDecorationsHeight
 height of background decorations, set by the renderer.
gdouble fMagnitudeMax
 maximal magnitude of the zoom, between 0 and 1.
gint iActiveWidth
 width of the active zone of the dock.
gint iActiveHeight
 height of the active zone of the dock.
CairoDockInputState iInputState
 state of the input shape (active, at rest, hidden).
cairo_region_t * pShapeBitmap
 input shape of the window when the dock is at rest.
cairo_region_t * pHiddenShapeBitmap
 input shape of the window when the dock is hidden.
cairo_region_t * pActiveShapeBitmap
 input shape of the window when the dock is active (NULL to cover all dock).

Detailed Description

Definition of a Dock, which derives from a Container.

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