Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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_CairoDeskletRenderer Struct Reference

Definition of a Desklet's renderer. More...

Data Fields

CairoDeskletRenderFunc render
 rendering function with libcairo.
CairoDeskletGLRenderFunc render_opengl
 rendering function with OpenGL.
CairoDeskletConfigureRendererFunc configure
 get the configuration of the renderer from a set of config attributes.
CairoDeskletLoadRendererDataFunc load_data
 load the internal data of the renderer.
CairoDeskletFreeRendererDataFunc free_data
 free all internal data of the renderer.
CairoDeskletCalculateIconsFunc calculate_icons
 define the icons' size and load them.
CairoDeskletUpdateRendererDataFunc update
 function called on each iteration of the rendering loop.
CairoDeskletGLRenderFunc render_bounding_box
 optionnal rendering function with OpenGL that only draws the bounding boxes of the icons (for picking).
GList * pPreDefinedConfigList
 An optionnal list of preset configs.

Detailed Description

Definition of a Desklet's renderer.

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