Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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cairo-dock-utils.h File Reference


gboolean cairo_dock_remove_version_from_string (gchar *cString)
void cairo_dock_remove_html_spaces (gchar *cString)
void cairo_dock_get_version_from_string (const gchar *cVersionString, int *iMajorVersion, int *iMinorVersion, int *iMicroVersion)
gboolean cairo_dock_string_is_address (const gchar *cString)
const gchar * cairo_dock_get_default_terminal (void)
gchar * cairo_dock_get_command_with_right_terminal (const gchar *cCommand)

Detailed Description

Some helper functions.

Function Documentation

gboolean cairo_dock_remove_version_from_string ( gchar *  cString)

Remove the version number from a string. Directly modifies the string.

cStringa string.
TRUE if a version has been removed.
void cairo_dock_remove_html_spaces ( gchar *  cString)

Replace the %20 by normal spaces into the string. The string is directly modified.

cStringthe string (it can't be a constant string)
void cairo_dock_get_version_from_string ( const gchar *  cVersionString,
int *  iMajorVersion,
int *  iMinorVersion,
int *  iMicroVersion 

Get the 3 version numbers of a string.

cVersionStringthe string of the form "x.y.z".
iMajorVersionpointer to the major version.
iMinorVersionpointer to the minor version.
iMicroVersionpointer to the micro version.
gboolean cairo_dock_string_is_address ( const gchar *  cString)

Say if a string is an adress (file://xxx, http://xxx, ftp://xxx, etc).

cStringa string.
TRUE if it's an address.
const gchar* cairo_dock_get_default_terminal ( void  )

Get the command to launch the default terminal

gchar* cairo_dock_get_command_with_right_terminal ( const gchar *  cCommand)

Get the command to launch another one from a terminal

cCommandcommand to launch from a terminal