Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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cairo-dock-style-facility.h File Reference

Data Structures

struct  _GldiTextDescription
 Description of the rendering of a text. More...


 A light shade level (dock background, ...)
 A medium shade level (selected menu-item, widget inside a dialog/menu, separator, ...)
 A strong shade level (child widget inside a dialog/menu, ...)


enum  GldiStyleColors
 Available types of color.


void gldi_style_color_shade (GldiColor *icolor, double shade, GldiColor *ocolor)

Detailed Description

This file provides a few functions dealing with style elements like colors and text.

Function Documentation

void gldi_style_color_shade ( GldiColor *  icolor,
double  shade,
GldiColor *  ocolor 

Shade a color, making it darker if it's light, and lighter if it's dark. Note that the opposite behavior can be obtained by passing a negative shade value. Alpha is copied unchanged. Both pointers can be the same.

icolorinput color
shadeamount of light to add/remove, <= 1.
ocoloroutput color