Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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cairo-dock-keyfile-utilities.h File Reference


GKeyFile * cairo_dock_open_key_file (const gchar *cConfFilePath)
void cairo_dock_write_keys_to_file (GKeyFile *pKeyFile, const gchar *cConfFilePath)
void cairo_dock_merge_conf_files (const gchar *cConfFilePath, gchar *cReplacementConfFilePath, gchar iIdentifier)
void cairo_dock_upgrade_conf_file_full (const gchar *cConfFilePath, GKeyFile *pKeyFile, const gchar *cDefaultConfFilePath, gboolean bUpdateKeys)
void cairo_dock_get_conf_file_version (GKeyFile *pKeyFile, gchar **cConfFileVersion)
gboolean cairo_dock_conf_file_needs_update (GKeyFile *pKeyFile, const gchar *cVersion)
void cairo_dock_add_remove_element_to_key (const gchar *cConfFilePath, const gchar *cGroupName, const gchar *cKeyName, gchar *cElementName, gboolean bAdd)
void cairo_dock_add_group_key_to_conf_file (GKeyFile *pKeyFile, const gchar *cGroupName, const gchar *ckeyName, const gchar *cInitialValue, CairoDockGUIWidgetType iWidgetType, const gchar *cAuthorizedValues, const gchar *cDescription, const gchar *cTooltip)
void cairo_dock_remove_group_key_from_conf_file (GKeyFile *pKeyFile, const gchar *cGroupName, const gchar *ckeyName)
void cairo_dock_update_keyfile (const gchar *cConfFilePath, GType iFirstDataType,...)

Detailed Description

This class provides useful functions to manipulate the conf files of Cairo-Dock, which are classic group/key pair files.

Function Documentation

GKeyFile* cairo_dock_open_key_file ( const gchar *  cConfFilePath)

Open a conf file to be read/written. Returns NULL if the file couldn't be found/opened/parsed. Free it with g_key_file_free after you're done.

void cairo_dock_write_keys_to_file ( GKeyFile *  pKeyFile,
const gchar *  cConfFilePath 

Write a key file on the disk.

void cairo_dock_merge_conf_files ( const gchar *  cConfFilePath,
gchar *  cReplacementConfFilePath,
gchar  iIdentifier 

Merge the values of a conf-file into another one. Keys are filtered by an identifier on the original conf-file.

cConfFilePathan up-to-date conf-file with old values, that will be updated.
cReplacementConfFilePathan old conf-file containing values we want to use
iIdentifiera character to filter the keys, or 0.
void cairo_dock_upgrade_conf_file_full ( const gchar *  cConfFilePath,
GKeyFile *  pKeyFile,
const gchar *  cDefaultConfFilePath,
gboolean  bUpdateKeys 

Update a conf-file, by merging values from a given key-file into a template conf-file.

cConfFilePathpath to the conf-file to update.
pKeyFilea key-file with correct values, but old comments and possibly missing or old keys. It is not modified by the function.
cDefaultConfFilePatha template conf-file.
bUpdateKeyswhether to remove old keys (hidden and persistent) or not.
void cairo_dock_get_conf_file_version ( GKeyFile *  pKeyFile,
gchar **  cConfFileVersion 

Get the version of a conf file. The version is written on the first line of the file, as a comment.

gboolean cairo_dock_conf_file_needs_update ( GKeyFile *  pKeyFile,
const gchar *  cVersion 

Say if a conf file's version mismatches a given version.

void cairo_dock_add_remove_element_to_key ( const gchar *  cConfFilePath,
const gchar *  cGroupName,
const gchar *  cKeyName,
gchar *  cElementName,
gboolean  bAdd 

Add or remove a value in a list of values to a given (group,key) pair of a conf file.

void cairo_dock_add_group_key_to_conf_file ( GKeyFile *  pKeyFile,
const gchar *  cGroupName,
const gchar *  ckeyName,
const gchar *  cInitialValue,
CairoDockGUIWidgetType  iWidgetType,
const gchar *  cAuthorizedValues,
const gchar *  cDescription,
const gchar *  cTooltip 

Add a key to a conf file, so that it can be parsed by the GUI manager.

void cairo_dock_remove_group_key_from_conf_file ( GKeyFile *  pKeyFile,
const gchar *  cGroupName,
const gchar *  ckeyName 

Remove a key from a conf file.

void cairo_dock_update_keyfile ( const gchar *  cConfFilePath,
GType  iFirstDataType,

Update a conf file with a list of values of the form : {type, name of the groupe, name of the key, value}. Must end with G_TYPE_INVALID.

cConfFilePathpath to the conf file.
iFirstDataTypetype of the first value.