Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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cairo-dock-file-manager.h File Reference

Data Structures

struct  _CairoDockDesktopEnvBackend
 Definition of the Desktop Environment backend. More...


enum  CairoDockDesktopEnv
 Type of available Desktop Environments.
enum  CairoDockFMEventType
 Type of events that can occur to a file.
enum  CairoDockFMSortType
 Type of sorting available on files.


void cairo_dock_fm_register_vfs_backend (CairoDockDesktopEnvBackend *pVFSBackend)
GList * cairo_dock_fm_list_directory (const gchar *cURI, CairoDockFMSortType g_fm_iSortType, int iNewIconsType, gboolean bListHiddenFiles, int iNbMaxFiles, gchar **cFullURI)
gsize cairo_dock_fm_measure_diretory (const gchar *cBaseURI, gint iCountType, gboolean bRecursive, gint *pCancel)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_get_file_info (const gchar *cBaseURI, gchar **cName, gchar **cURI, gchar **cIconName, gboolean *bIsDirectory, int *iVolumeID, double *fOrder, CairoDockFMSortType iSortType)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_get_file_properties (const gchar *cURI, guint64 *iSize, time_t *iLastModificationTime, gchar **cMimeType, int *iUID, int *iGID, int *iPermissionsMask)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_launch_uri (const gchar *cURI)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_add_monitor_full (const gchar *cURI, gboolean bDirectory, const gchar *cMountedURI, CairoDockFMMonitorCallback pCallback, gpointer data)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_remove_monitor_full (const gchar *cURI, gboolean bDirectory, const gchar *cMountedURI)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_mount_full (const gchar *cURI, int iVolumeID, CairoDockFMMountCallback pCallback, gpointer user_data)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_unmount_full (const gchar *cURI, int iVolumeID, CairoDockFMMountCallback pCallback, gpointer user_data)
gchar * cairo_dock_fm_is_mounted (const gchar *cURI, gboolean *bIsMounted)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_can_eject (const gchar *cURI)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_eject_drive (const gchar *cURI)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_delete_file (const gchar *cURI, gboolean bNoTrash)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_rename_file (const gchar *cOldURI, const gchar *cNewName)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_move_file (const gchar *cURI, const gchar *cDirectoryURI)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_create_file (const gchar *cURI, gboolean bDirectory)
GList * cairo_dock_fm_list_apps_for_file (const gchar *cURI)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_empty_trash (void)
gchar * cairo_dock_fm_get_trash_path (const gchar *cNearURI, gchar **cFileInfoPath)
gchar * cairo_dock_fm_get_desktop_path (void)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_logout (void)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_shutdown (void)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_reboot (void)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_lock_screen (void)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_setup_time (void)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_show_system_monitor (void)
Iconcairo_dock_fm_create_icon_from_URI (const gchar *cURI, GldiContainer *pContainer, CairoDockFMSortType iFileSortType)
int cairo_dock_get_file_size (const gchar *cFilePath)
int cairo_dock_fm_get_pid (const gchar *cProcessName)
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_monitor_pid (const gchar *cProcessName, gboolean bCheckSameProcess, GSourceFunc pCallback, gboolean bAlwaysLaunch, gpointer pUserData)

Detailed Description

This class manages the integration into the desktop environment, which includes :

  • the VFS (Virtual File System)
  • the various desktop-related tools.

Function Documentation

void cairo_dock_fm_register_vfs_backend ( CairoDockDesktopEnvBackend pVFSBackend)

Register a environment backend, overwriting any previous backend.

GList* cairo_dock_fm_list_directory ( const gchar *  cURI,
CairoDockFMSortType  g_fm_iSortType,
int  iNewIconsType,
gboolean  bListHiddenFiles,
int  iNbMaxFiles,
gchar **  cFullURI 

List the content of a directory and turn it into a list of icons.

gsize cairo_dock_fm_measure_diretory ( const gchar *  cBaseURI,
gint  iCountType,
gboolean  bRecursive,
gint *  pCancel 

Measure a directory (number of files or total size).

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_get_file_info ( const gchar *  cBaseURI,
gchar **  cName,
gchar **  cURI,
gchar **  cIconName,
gboolean *  bIsDirectory,
int *  iVolumeID,
double *  fOrder,
CairoDockFMSortType  iSortType 

Get the main info to represent a file.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_get_file_properties ( const gchar *  cURI,
guint64 *  iSize,
time_t *  iLastModificationTime,
gchar **  cMimeType,
int *  iUID,
int *  iGID,
int *  iPermissionsMask 

Get some properties about a file.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_launch_uri ( const gchar *  cURI)

Open a file with the default application.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_add_monitor_full ( const gchar *  cURI,
gboolean  bDirectory,
const gchar *  cMountedURI,
CairoDockFMMonitorCallback  pCallback,
gpointer  data 

Add a monitor on an URI. It will be called each time a modification occurs on the file.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_remove_monitor_full ( const gchar *  cURI,
gboolean  bDirectory,
const gchar *  cMountedURI 

Remove a monitor on an URI.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_mount_full ( const gchar *  cURI,
int  iVolumeID,
CairoDockFMMountCallback  pCallback,
gpointer  user_data 

Mount a point.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_unmount_full ( const gchar *  cURI,
int  iVolumeID,
CairoDockFMMountCallback  pCallback,
gpointer  user_data 

Unmount a point.

gchar* cairo_dock_fm_is_mounted ( const gchar *  cURI,
gboolean *  bIsMounted 

Say if a point is currently mounted.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_can_eject ( const gchar *  cURI)

Say if a point can be ejected (like a CD player).

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_eject_drive ( const gchar *  cURI)

Eject a drive, like a CD player.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_delete_file ( const gchar *  cURI,
gboolean  bNoTrash 

Delete a file.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_rename_file ( const gchar *  cOldURI,
const gchar *  cNewName 

Rename a file.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_move_file ( const gchar *  cURI,
const gchar *  cDirectoryURI 

Move a file.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_create_file ( const gchar *  cURI,
gboolean  bDirectory 

Create a new file.

GList* cairo_dock_fm_list_apps_for_file ( const gchar *  cURI)

Get the list of applications that can open a given file. Returns a list of strings arrays : {name, command, icon}.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_empty_trash ( void  )

Empty the Trash.

gchar* cairo_dock_fm_get_trash_path ( const gchar *  cNearURI,
gchar **  cFileInfoPath 

Get the path to the Trash.

gchar* cairo_dock_fm_get_desktop_path ( void  )

Get the path to the Desktop.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_logout ( void  )

Raise the logout panel.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_shutdown ( void  )

Raise the shutdown panel.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_reboot ( void  )

Raise the reboot panel.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_lock_screen ( void  )

Lock the screen.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_setup_time ( void  )

Raise the panel to configure the time.

gboolean cairo_dock_fm_show_system_monitor ( void  )

Raise the default system monitor.

Icon* cairo_dock_fm_create_icon_from_URI ( const gchar *  cURI,
GldiContainer pContainer,
CairoDockFMSortType  iFileSortType 

Create an Icon representing a given URI.

int cairo_dock_get_file_size ( const gchar *  cFilePath)

Get the size of a local file.

cFilePathpath of a file on the hard disk.
the size of the file, or 0 if it doesn't exist.
int cairo_dock_fm_get_pid ( const gchar *  cProcessName)

Get process ID given its name

cProcessNamename of the process
the PID if it exists or -1
gboolean cairo_dock_fm_monitor_pid ( const gchar *  cProcessName,
gboolean  bCheckSameProcess,
GSourceFunc  pCallback,
gboolean  bAlwaysLaunch,
gpointer  pUserData 

Monitor a process. Call a function when the process is no longer running

cProcessNamename(es) of the process(es)
bCheckSameProcessTRUE to check if first match is running. FALSE to check every time if this process name is running even if it's not the same PID.
pCallbackfunction to call when the process is no longer running
bAlwaysLaunchTRUE to launch the callback function even if the process is not running or if there is an error
pUserDatadata to pass to pCallback
FALSE if the process is not running or if there is an error