Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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cairo-dock-dock-factory.h File Reference

Data Structures

struct  _CairoDockRenderer
 Dock's renderer, also known as 'view'. More...
struct  _CairoDock
 Definition of a Dock, which derives from a Container. More...


#define GLDI_OBJECT_IS_DOCK(obj)
#define CAIRO_DOCK(p)


CairoDockgldi_dock_new (const gchar *cDockName)
CairoDockgldi_subdock_new (const gchar *cDockName, const gchar *cRendererName, CairoDock *pParentDock, GList *pIconList)
void cairo_dock_remove_icons_from_dock (CairoDock *pDock, CairoDock *pReceivingDock)

Detailed Description

This class defines the Docks, and gives the way to create, destroy, and fill them.

A dock is a container that holds a set of icons and a renderer (also known as view).

It has the ability to be placed anywhere on the screen edges and to resize itself automatically to fit the screen's size.

It supports internal dragging of its icons with the mouse, and dragging of itself with alt+mouse.

A dock can be either a main-dock (not linked to any icon) or a sub-dock (linked to an icon of another dock), and there can be as many docks of each sort as you want.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define GLDI_OBJECT_IS_DOCK (   obj)

Say if an object is a Dock.

objthe object.
TRUE if the object is a Dock.
#define CAIRO_DOCK (   p)

Cast a Container into a Dock.

pthe container to consider as a dock.
the dock.

Function Documentation

CairoDock* gldi_dock_new ( const gchar *  cDockName)

Create a new root dock.

cDockNamethe name that identifies the dock
the new dock.
CairoDock* gldi_subdock_new ( const gchar *  cDockName,
const gchar *  cRendererName,
CairoDock pParentDock,
GList *  pIconList 

Create a new dock of type "sub-dock", and load a given list of icons inside. The list then belongs to the dock, so it must not be freeed after that. The buffers of each icon are loaded, so they just need to have an image filename and a name.

cDockNamethe name that identifies the dock.
cRendererNamename of a renderer. If NULL, the default renderer will be applied.
pParentDockthe parent dock.
pIconLista list of icons that will be loaded and inserted into the new dock (optional).
the new dock.
void cairo_dock_remove_icons_from_dock ( CairoDock pDock,
CairoDock pReceivingDock 

Remove all icons from a dock (and its sub-docks). If the receiving dock is NULL, the icons are destroyed and removed from the current theme itself.

pDocka dock.
pReceivingDockthe dock that will receive the icons, or NULL to destroy and remove the icons.