Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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cairo-dock-dialog-manager.h File Reference


typedef void(* CairoDockActionOnAnswerFunc )(int iClickedButton, GtkWidget *pInteractiveWidget, gpointer data, CairoDialog *pDialog)
 Definition of a generic callback of a dialog, called when the user clicks on a button. Buttons are numbered from 0, -1 means 'Return' and -2 means 'Escape'.


enum  CairoDialogNotifications


void gldi_dialogs_remove_on_icon (Icon *icon)
void gldi_dialog_hide (CairoDialog *pDialog)
void gldi_dialog_unhide (CairoDialog *pDialog)
void gldi_dialog_toggle_visibility (CairoDialog *pDialog)

Detailed Description

This class manages the Dialogs, that are useful to bring interaction with the user.

With dialogs, you can pop-up messages, ask for question, etc. Any GTK widget can be embedded inside a dialog, giving you any possible interaction with the user.

The most generic way to build a Dialog is to fill a _CairoDialogAttr and pass it to gldi_dialog_new.

But in most of case, you can just use one of the following convenient functions, that will do the job for you.

Function Documentation

void gldi_dialogs_remove_on_icon ( Icon icon)

Remove the dialogs attached to an icon.

iconthe icon you want to delete all dialogs from.
void gldi_dialog_hide ( CairoDialog pDialog)

Hide a dialog.

pDialogthe dialog.
void gldi_dialog_unhide ( CairoDialog pDialog)

Show a dialog and give it focus.

pDialogthe dialog.
void gldi_dialog_toggle_visibility ( CairoDialog pDialog)

Toggle the visibility of a dialog.

pDialogthe dialog.