Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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cairo-dock-config.h File Reference


void cairo_dock_load_current_theme (void)
gboolean cairo_dock_is_loading (void)
void cairo_dock_decrypt_string (const gchar *cEncryptedString, gchar **cDecryptedString)
void cairo_dock_encrypt_string (const gchar *cDecryptedString, gchar **cEncryptedString)

Detailed Description

This class manages the configuration system of Cairo-Dock. Cairo-Dock and any items (icons, root docks, modules, etc) are configured by conf files. Conf files containes some information usable by the GUI manager to build a corresponding config panel and update the conf file automatically, which relieves you from this thankless task.

Function Documentation

void cairo_dock_load_current_theme ( void  )

Load the current theme. This will (re)load all the parameters of Cairo-Dock and all the plug-ins, as if you just started the dock.

gboolean cairo_dock_is_loading ( void  )

Say if Cairo-Dock is loading.

TRUE if the global config is being loaded (this happens when a theme is loaded).
void cairo_dock_decrypt_string ( const gchar *  cEncryptedString,
gchar **  cDecryptedString 

Decrypt a string (uses DES-encryption from libcrypt).

cEncryptedStringthe encrypted string.
cDecryptedStringthe decrypted string.
void cairo_dock_encrypt_string ( const gchar *  cDecryptedString,
gchar **  cEncryptedString 

Encrypt a string (uses DES-encryption from libcrypt).

cDecryptedStringthe decrypted string.
cEncryptedStringthe encrypted string.