Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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cairo-dock-class-manager.h File Reference

Data Structures

struct  _CairoDockClassAppli
 Definition of a Class of application. More...


#define cairo_dock_register_class(cDesktopFile)


void gldi_window_foreach_inhibitor (GldiWindowActor *actor, GldiIconRFunc callback, gpointer data)
void cairo_dock_set_data_from_class (const gchar *cClass, Icon *pIcon)

Detailed Description

This class handles the Class Icons, which are icons pointing to the sub-dock of a class.

This class handles the managment of the applications classes. Classes are used to group the windows of a same program, and to bind a launcher to the launched application.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define cairo_dock_register_class (   cDesktopFile)

Register a class corresponding to a desktop file. Launchers can then derive from the class.

cDesktopFilethe desktop file path or name; if it's a name or if the path couldn't be found, it will be searched in the common directories.
the class ID in a newly allocated string.

Function Documentation

void gldi_window_foreach_inhibitor ( GldiWindowActor actor,
GldiIconRFunc  callback,
gpointer  data 

Run a function on each Icon that inhibites a given window.

actorthe window actor
callbackfunction to be called
datadata passed to the callback
void cairo_dock_set_data_from_class ( const gchar *  cClass,
Icon pIcon 

Make a launcher derive from a class. Parameters of the icon that are not NULL are not overwritten.

cClassthe class name
pIconthe icon