Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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cairo-dock-applications-manager.h File Reference




void cairo_dock_start_applications_manager (CairoDock *pDock)
GList * cairo_dock_get_current_applis_list (void)
Iconcairo_dock_get_current_active_icon (void)
Iconcairo_dock_get_appli_icon (GldiWindowActor *actor)
void cairo_dock_foreach_appli_icon (GldiIconFunc pFunction, gpointer pUserData)

Detailed Description

This class manages the list of icons representing a window, ie the Taskbar.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define GLDI_OBJECT_IS_APPLI_ICON (   obj)

Say if an object is an AppliIcon.

objthe object.
TRUE if the object is a AppliIcon.

Function Documentation

void cairo_dock_start_applications_manager ( CairoDock pDock)

Start the applications manager. It will load all the appli-icons, and keep monitoring them. If enabled, it will insert them into the dock.

pDockthe main dock
GList* cairo_dock_get_current_applis_list ( void  )

Get the list of appli-icons, including the icons not currently displayed in the dock. You can then order the list by z-order, name, etc.

a newly allocated list of appli-icons. You must free the list when you're done with it, but not the icons.
Icon* cairo_dock_get_current_active_icon ( void  )

Get the icon of the currently active window, if any.

the icon (maybe not inside a dock, maybe NULL).
Icon* cairo_dock_get_appli_icon ( GldiWindowActor actor)

Get the icon of a given window, if any.

actorthe window actor
the icon (maybe not inside a dock, maybe NULL).
void cairo_dock_foreach_appli_icon ( GldiIconFunc  pFunction,
gpointer  pUserData 

Run a function on all Appli icons.

pFunctionfunction to be called
pUserDatadata passed to the function.