Cairo-Dock  3.4.0
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 C_CairoDataRendererGeneric DataRenderer. Any implementation of a DataRenderer will derive from this class
 C_CairoDataRendererAttributeGeneric DataRenderer attributes structure. The attributes of any implementation of a DataRenderer will derive from this class
 C_CairoDataRendererInterfaceInterface of a DataRenderer
 C_CairoDeskletDefinition of a Desklet, which derives from a Container
 C_CairoDeskletAttrConfiguration attributes of a Desklet
 C_CairoDeskletDecorationDecoration of a Desklet
 C_CairoDeskletRendererDefinition of a Desklet's renderer
 C_CairoDialogDefinition of a Dialog
 C_CairoDialogDecoratorDefinition of a Dialog/Menu decorator. It draws the frame of the Dialog/Menu
 C_CairoDialogRendererDefinition of a Dialog renderer. It draws the inside of the Dialog
 C_CairoDockDefinition of a Dock, which derives from a Container
 C_CairoDockClassAppliDefinition of a Class of application
 C_CairoDockDesktopEnvBackendDefinition of the Desktop Environment backend
 C_CairoDockGLConfigThis strucure summarizes the available OpenGL configuration on the system
 C_CairoDockGLFontStructure used to load a font for OpenGL text rendering
 C_CairoDockGLPathDefinition of a CairoDockGLPath
 C_CairoDockGroupKeyWidgetDefinition of a widget corresponding to a given (group;key) pair
 C_CairoDockGuiBackendDefinition of the GUI interface for modules
 C_CairoDockHidingEffectDefinition of a Hiding Effect backend (used to provide an animation when the docks hides/shows itself)
 C_CairoDockImageBufferDefinition of an Image Buffer. It provides an unified interface for a cairo/opengl image buffer
 C_CairoDockPackageDefinition of a generic package
 C_CairoDockRendererDock's renderer, also known as 'view'
 C_CairoDockTransitionTransitions are an easy way to set an animation on an Icon to make it change from a state to another
 C_CairoGraphAttributeAttributes of a Graph
 C_CairoIconContainerRendererDefinition of an Icon container (= an icon holding a sub-dock) renderer
 C_CairoOverlayDefinition of an Icon Overlay
 C_CairoParticleA particle of a particle system
 C_CairoParticleSystemA particle system
 C_CairoProgressBarAttributeAttributes of a PgrogressBar
 C_GldiContainerDefinition of a Container, whom derive Dock, Desklet, Dialog and FlyingContainer
 C_GldiContainerManagerBackendDefinition of the Container backend. It defines some operations that should be, but are not, provided by GTK
 C_GldiDesktopBackgroundDefinition of a Desktop Background Buffer. It has a reference count so that it can be shared across all the lib
 C_GldiDesktopManagerBackendDefinition of the Desktop Manager backend
 C_GldiManagerDefinition of a Manager
 C_GldiModuleDefinition of an external module
 C_GldiModuleInstanceDefinition of an instance of a module. A module can be instanciated several times
 C_GldiModuleInterfaceDefinition of the interface of a module
 C_GldiObjectDefinition of an Object
 C_GldiObjectManagerDefinition of an ObjectManager
 C_GldiTaskDefinition of a periodic and/or asynchronous Task
 C_GldiTextDescriptionDescription of the rendering of a text
 C_GldiVisitCardDefinition of the visit card of a module. Contains everything that is statically defined for a module
 C_GldiWindowActorDefinition of a window actor
 C_GldiWindowManagerBackendDefinition of the Windows Manager backend
 C_IconDefinition of an Icon
 C_IconInterfaceIcon's interface